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Kamen Rider Battle Rush is side scrolling fighting and card collecting game for iOS and Android. It can be installed on PC using an emulator and app hosting service.

To advance in the game you must put together a team of riders and use them to complete quests. Completing quests can net you items that can be used to improve your rider's stats. The better your team, the more difficult challenges you can complete.

New riders can be acquired by exchanging Rushstones in the Rider Gasha (see below) or by completing certain requirements in event quests.

This wiki is still very much a work in progress - some sections not yet started and others are likely incomplete. If anyone can help with adding card stats and ability translations - or can expand on the gameplay section it would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile new players are encouraged to join the discord community (see below) to have their questions answered.
Join the KRBR discord community here if you have any questions.
KRBR has recently had a pretty big update with new features coming soon. Some of the menus depicted here will be slightly different to the current version until we can update the wiki. The information here should be mostly accurate though.

The Menus Edit

Below you will find a translation of the game's menus into English. A brief description of each section and its sub menus is also given which should help you to advance in the game.

Command Center Edit

Everything in Kamen Rider Battle Rush can be accessed from the Command Center. A - N below detail these menus and their sub menus. Understanding the menu system and what can be achieved in each section goes a long way to building a strong, successful team in KRBR.

IMG 6001-1

The Menus are:

  • A - User Profile - user information
  • B - Presents - items and rewards for collection
  • C - Community - manage guilds and friends
  • D - Patrol - send Riders on a side quest
  • E - Challenges - complete challenges for rewards
  • F - AP - required to play battles
  • G - Rushstones - can be used to acquire new riders
  • H - Justice Points - in game currency
  • I - Notice - Information about events etc.
  • J - Battle - The main gameplay page
  • K - Rider - Manage Riders and teams
  • L - Command Center - This current page
  • M - Gasha - Try your luck and get new riders
  • N - Other - miscellaneous game options

Keep reading for a more in depth description of each menu

A - User Profile Edit

Edit your user name, view completed challenges and discovered riders / enemy units here. This menu is split into 3 sections - User (1-3), Challenges (4-6) and Illustrations (7-8).
IMG 6007
  1. Profile: Lists your current profile information / rank / team
  2. Items Possessed: A list of items currently in your inventory
  3. Emblems Possessed: A list of currently owned emblems
  4. Event: Challenges related to the current event and their progress
  5. Daily: Daily challenges and their progress
  6. Total: List of all challenges including Event and Daily
  7. C.A.R.D.: List of cards discovered. They are sorted by series.
  8. Enemy: List of enemies defeated

The profile tab contains a wealth of information on your rider and some options that you can change. (9) is your user id which you can share to enable other players to add you as a friend (see community below). Your user name, icon and displayed rider can also be changed using the purple buttons (10). Your display rider is also the rider that friends can use to help them in battle, earning you friend points. If your rider does not have a special move you will not be able to collect any friend points. Below (11) your level is displayed. To the right of that is the number of XP needed until the next level (to a max of 99) and below that is (from top to bottom)

  • Current AP
  • Current Justice Points (in game currency) and Friend Points
  • Number of Rare Medals
  • Number of Rushstones (Free / Purchased)
  • Current Team / Team Score (a measure of how strong your team is)
  • Selected BGM
  • User Comment (click the purple button to edit it)

B- Presents Edit


Items collected during gameplay, rewards from events and daily log-in rewards can be found here. A red exclamation mark indicated there are currently items available for collection. There are 5 tabs.

IMG 6003
  1. Unit: Rider's awarded during events or for completing challenges can be collected here.
  2. Reinforcement: Materials used to boost your rider's stats can be collected here.
  3. Items: Special Items such as guild medals or tickets can be collected here.
  4. AP: AP boosts can be collected here.
  5. Other: Soulstones, coins and friend tokens can be collected here.
  6. Item: An item ready for collection
  7. Time Limit: Time limit in days (日) and hours (時) until the item is no longer available for collection.
  8. Collect Item: Push this button to collect a single item.
  9. Collect All: Collect all items on the list. (note: a maximum of 200 items can be held in your inventory at one time)

C - Community Edit


Guild and follower related options can be found here. Joining a guild, managing your guild, adding and removing followers and the guild shop are all accessed from this menu. The community menu is too complex to do a full breakdown here so please visit this page for a dedicated explanation.

The Community page also has detailed instructions on how to compete in guild battles and earn valuable gold guild medals.

D - Patrol Edit

Riders not currently being used can be sent out on patrols here. The rewards are very basic to begin with but are said to improve the more times you do it.

IMG 6004
IMG 6005
  1. Select a stage to patrol
  2. Select how long you would like to patrol for
  3. Select a team
  4. Send your team out on patrol

*Note: Rider's out on patrol will be unavailable for the duration of that patrol. Patrols must be completed manually by clicking on the completed patrol in (1).

E - Challenges Edit

Clicking this icon will bring you to the challenges section of your user profile as detailed above. Completing challenges will give you a reward - the more difficult or challenges giving better rewards. Some challenges will unlock higher level versions of the same challenge on completion. Even challenges only last for as long as the event is active. Completing challenges can be a good way to collect Rushstones or AP chargers.

IMG 6022
  1. Progress: Percentage of challenge completed
  2. Rank: Some challenges have Gold / Silver / Bronze levels with different rewards for each rank.
  3. Time Remaining: Event challenges can only be completed as long as the event is live.
  4. Requirements / Reward: Unfortunately there are too many challenges to make a complete translation of them all here. Most challenges can be completed by simply playing the game and aiming for ranking in events.

F - AP Edit

Action Points (or AP) are required to participate in battles in the game.
AP will slowly refill over time or can be recharged with Rushstones, Full AP Chargers or Half AP Chargers (click the [+] to open the dialogue). Max AP increases with your user level and temporary boosts can sometimes be bought in the store. AP chargers can be bought in the gasha shop (see Gasha below) or can be acquired as daily log in rewards.
IMG 6009
  1. Time remaining until AP fully recharged
  2. Exchange 1 Rushstone for 101 AP. Can be used to boost AP beyond Max limit.
  3. Use 1 AP Charger. Adds 100 AP up to your Max limit.
  4. Use 1 AP Half Charger. Adds 50 AP up to your Max limit.

G - Rushstones Edit

Rushstones can be used to unlock new riders from the Gasha (see below). Rushstones can be acquired by completing stages in the story mode (see Battle below), from completing challenges (see Challenges above).
Clicking the [+] will bring you to the store where you can purchase Rushstones in exchange for real world money. Some items (such as BGM Selections) and Special Gashas can only be acquired with purchased Rushstones.

H - Justice Points Edit

Justice Points act like the in game currency. For most actions (leveling up, upgrading items etc.) you will be required to spend some Justice Points. Justice Points can easily be acquired by completing quests, selling items or Riders (see the Rider menu below) or completing challenges. There is also a special event every Sunday that gives large amounts of Justice Points as a reward for completion.

I - Notice Edit

Information on current events / special gashas. All the information here is presented in Japanese so head over to the Kamen Rider Mobile Games discord community where there is usually a discussion about current events.

J - Battle Menu Edit

Here is where the main gameplay of KRBR happens. From here you can select stages to play and participate in events.
IMG 6010
  1. Story Selection: There are 10 chapters in Story Mode each with up to 10 battles. Each battle has 3 difficulty settings and the storys get progressively more difficult as you unlock them.
  2. Event: The top most item here is usually the current event. Participate in events for rare and sometimes unique rewards.
  3. Ultimate Battle: Compete in a series of very challenging battles to earn medals. Medals can be exchanged in the Rider menu (see Rider / Item Creation below) for special emblems and rare riders. See a more detailed explanation below.
  4. Daily Event: Daily events allow you to acquire items essential to improving your team. Monday to Friday are for collecting Awakening Stones and Saturday / Sunday are events for collecting Soul Stones (used for leveling up Riders) and Justice Points (the in game currency).

The Story Mode Menus Edit

IMG 6011
IMG 6012
  1. Stage Select: Select the stage you want to play
  2. Return: Goes back to Battle Menu
  3. Current Team: Your currently selected team
  4. Difficulty level: Easy / Difficult / Hell
  5. Mission List: Complete these challenges for bonus rewards
  6. Bonus Earned: A list of items that can drop on this level. There are 2 tabs: Stage Cleared Bonus and Enemies Killed Bonus.
  7. Organization: Brings you to the Team Selection menu (see Rider menu below)
  8. BGM: Select the BGM for the stage
  9. Team Select: Navigate between teams with these arrows
  10. Battle Start: Hit the big button to begin the fight

A detailed explanation of the gameplay can be found on the gameplay page.

The Event Menus Edit

Event menus are laid out very similarly to the Story Mode menus (see above) but differ from event to event in some of the options. Some generic types of event will be added at a later date to help new players. For now please go to the discord community if you have any questions about the current event.

Ultimate Battle Menu Edit

Ultimate Battle is possibly the most difficult challenge you will face in KRBR. You will need a well equipped, high rank team to complete this series of increasingly difficult challenges. There are 4 levels to select from - but some will only appear after to collect the necessary tickets.

Screenshot 2017-11-09-05-53-57
  1. Rank 1: The easiest Battle of the 4 but be prepared for a difficult fight. Rank on will pit you against mobs and bosses of one attribute type. Check the Rank 2 stage to see what colour you will be facing and run the appropriate team. (see Gameplay / Attribute for details)
  2. Rank 2: Unlocked by collecting passes on level 1. The enemy units on this level will match the colour of the ticket required to run it - one for each of the 3 attributes.
  3. Trial: Test your team's capabilities before trying to beat the Rank 3 stage.
  4. Rank 3: The Ultimate Ultimate Battle. This is a mixed attribute level with some of the toughest bosses you will meet in the game. You will need a well equipped team and a decent plan of action to beat this but the rewards can be great.

Daily Event Menu Edit

Daily Events menus are almost identical to Story Mode menus (see above) with the same 3 levels of difficulty (easy / hard / hell) but with no mission list.

K - Rider Menu Edit

Here is where you organise and upgrade your riders, make an equip items and sell unwanted materials. There are 7 sets of options:

IMG 6614-0
  1. Team Formation: Build your team here
  2. Attach Emblems: Equip your Riders with boosts
  3. Item Crafting: Craft Items and exchange special tokens
  4. C.A.R.D. Enhancement: Increase your riders base stats
  5. C.A.R.D. Awakening: One off base stat and permanent ability boosts
  6. C.A.R.D. Exchange: Sell cards and Items
  7. D-Liver: Enhance your 6 star riders stats. (Unlocks once you have a 6 star rider in your possession

1 - Team Formation Edit

Team menu

Create up to 6 different teams of riders to send into battle. Riders can be assigned into teams, have their stats compared and can be locked to prevent accidental deletion all from this menu.

IMG 6015
  1. Team Number: The number of the currently displayed team
  2. Team Riders: The riders currently assigned to this team. The order they are displayed are the order they will be deployed (from left to right). You can re-order your team by dragging and dropping the riders. The leftmost rider is your team leader and will have his Leader Ability activated during battle rush (if available - see Rider Menu / Awakening below)
  3. Rider Pool: Your current riders. Assign riders by dragging and dropping them into your team. Grayed out riders are currently assigned to this team. Riders with a [!] mark cannot be assigned as they are the same as a currently assigned Rider. Clicking on a Rider's icon will display their stats and currently equipped emblems (see Attach Emblems below)
  4. Change Display: Changes the stats displayed beside the Rider's icon. Rotates between Lv / HP / Speed / Attack / Type - Cost
  5. Reorder - Refine: Change the order the riders are displayed in the rider pool. Too many options to go into detail here.
  6. I Trust You: Make an automatic selection for your team based on - Total Power / Attack / Defense / Speed
  7. Team Cost: Your team may not exceed the total cost available. The max available increases with player rank
  8. Score: Your teams battle score. A higher score usually indicates they will do better in battle
  9. OK: hit this button once you are satisfied with your team selection

Selecting a rider without holding on it will bring up the rider information page.

IMG 6023
  1. Level: Rider's current level. (See C.A.R.D. Enhancement below)
  2. HP: Rider's max HP. Affects the amount of damage your rider can take.
  3. Attack: Rider's attack power. Affects amount of damage your rider can deal
  4. Speed: Rider's speed. Affects movement and attack speed
  5. Special Attack: Shows Rider's special attack level
  6. Leader Ability: Displays Rider's Leader Ability if unlocked (see C.A.R.D. Awakening below)
  7. Ability: Displays the Rider's Ability if unlocked (see C.A.R.D. Awakening below)
  8. Rank: Displays the riders current rank. Rank effects the max level your rider can reach (See C.A.R.D. Enhancement below)
  9. Star Rating / Cost: Displays the star rating and cost to deploy the Rider (see Gameplay)
  10. Lock: Displays the locked / unlocked status of the rider. Locked riders cannot be accidental sold or deleted.
  11. Attribute: Displays the Rider's attribute type (see Gameplay)
  12. Emblems: Displays currently equipped emblems
  13. Protect / Unprotect: Locks or unlocks your Rider

2 - Attach Emblems Edit

Emblem equip

Emblems can give your riders boosts to their abilities when equipped and are vital for mid to late game stages.
For a full breakdown of emblems and their abilities see Emblems below.

IMG 6019
  1. Rider Select: Select a Rider to equip with emblems from here. The currently selected Rider is highlighted and displayed on the right
  2. Remove All: Remove all equipped emblems
  3. OK: Edit currently selected Rider's emblems
  4. Equipped Emblems: Your Rider's currently equipped emblems
  5. Details: A more detailed view of your rider stats. As it will be in Japanese you are better off looking for information in the Rider Stats section of this wiki (see the top menu bar)

Hitting OK will bring you the the emblem equip page.

IMG 6020
  1. Emblem Slots: Select a slot to bring up a selection of available emblems. Select an emblem to equip it / replace the current emblem.
  2. Details: Same as the previous page
  3. Change: Returns to the previous menu
  4. Details: Detailed descriptions of the currently equipped emblems. See Emblems below for more details
  5. Save: Saves the current configuration of Riders / Emblems

3 - Item Crafting Edit

Item create

Item Crafting is where you can craft and upgrade emblems, exchange medals for riders and other items and combine some items to make powered up versions of that item.
The item crafting menu is split into 3 sections. Emblem Creation, Emblem Reinforcement and Item Creation. Materials for crafting drop as rewards from stages and can be obtained easily during events and special one off events.

IMG 6054

Emblem Creation:

  1. Emblem Creation: Access the Emblem Creation menu with this tab
  2. Emblem Available: This emblem is ready to be created. Click on the banner to go to the creation page, select the number you want to create and then push the orange button
  3. Emblem Un-available: Grayed out icons indicate you do not have enough materials to create this emblem
  4. Emblem Effect: See below for a full list of translated effects
  5. Number Owned: Indicates the number of this emblem in your possession

Emblems are a powerful way to enable your team to take on the toughest of levels and bosses. Equipping the right emblems can make all the difference and completing ultimate battle without them is probably impossible. Here is a breakdown of the emblems and their effects.


Emblem Reinforcement:

IMG 6055
  1. Emblem Reinforcement: Select this tab to open the Emblem Reinforcement menu
  2. New Level: The number displayed on an Emblem indicates the level your emblem can be leveled up to. It does not display an emblems current level
  3. Effect Bonus: Indicates the percentage increase in the emblems effect

Leveling up is achieved by combining the emblem you wish to level up with another emblem. As there is no extra bonus for using higher level emblems it is best to combine a high level emblem with a level 1 medal. If you have an emblem equipped on a Rider you will be asked to select the Rider who's medal you with to level up. Emblems can be leveled up to a max of level 9.
Important Note: Emblem levelling up is not guaranteed. There is a percentage chance of success that decreases with each level. Regardless of whether the levelling up is a success or not, the emblem used for the leveling up will be removed permanently. The Emblem selected to be leveled up will, however, not be lost.
Item Creation:

IMG 6056
  1. Item Creation: Click this tab to access the Item Creation menu.

Item List: Click on an item to see the materials needed for it's creation. For a full list of items and their uses please see the Items page Edit

4 - C.A.R.D. Enhancement Edit

Card enhance
This is where you will Level Up and Rank Up your Rider's stats as well as leveling up your Special Attack's level.
Higher level Rider's will do more damage and be able to take more damage. Ranked up riders will have a higher max level. Leveling up you Special Attack increases the amount of damage your rider can do when they trigger their Special Finishing Attack (only available on 3 star and above Riders). Follow the instructions below to get your team ready to take on the toughest of bosses.
IMG 6062
  1. Rider Select: Select a Rider to Level Up or Rank Up
  2. Level: Selected Rider's current level and current max level
  3. Rank: Selected Rider's current rank. A gold pip indicates one rank
  4. Stats: Selected Rider's current stats (from top to bottom) HP, Attack, Speed, Finishing Move Level
  5. OK: Push this to go to select this Rider for leveling up

Selecting OK will take you to the next page where you can select the materials you wish to use for leveling up.

IMG 6064
  1. Return: Return to Rider Select Screen
  2. Select Materials: Select Materials to use for leveling up

Clicking on Select Materials will bring up the next page where you can see your inventory and information about items.

IMG 6065
  1. Select Materials: Click on an item to use it for leveling up. Selected Items will be highlighted. Up to 12 Items can be selected at a time
  2. Automatic Selection: Automatically selects 12 Soulstones (Blue EXP Crystals) for leveling up
  3. Rider Pool: Your current amount of Riders and the Max number allowed. Click the [+] to increase the max number by 5 in exchange for 1 Rushstone
  4. Information: Information about the last selected item
  5. OK: Push this to return to the previous menu once you have selected the items you need

Returning to the previous screen you can see the effect of the items you have selected before proceeding.

IMG 6061
  1. Level / Rank Increase: Shows the expected level / rank increase and the EXP required to the next level
  2. Stats Increase: Shows the expected increase to (from top to bottom) HP / Attack / Speed and the percentage chance that your Special Attack (see below) will increase in level
  3. Items: Review the items to be used here. Clicking here will allow you to change the selected items
  4. Justice Points: Displays the amount of Justice Points required to complete the leveling up / rank up
  5. OK: Push here to complete the transaction

Level Up / Rank Up - What's the difference? Using Soulstones (Blue EXP Crystals) will increase your Rider's level which in turn will increase your Rider's HP, Attack and Speed. Ranking Up, by using High Powered Stones (see Items) or combining your Rider with an identical Rider, will increase the Max level you can level up by 10 levels. For example: 5 star riders have a max level of 60 at Rank 1. Increasing a Rider's rank to Rank 4 gives them a new max level of 90 - a significant difference. Special 'Super Awakened Riders' can achieve rank 5 by collecting certain rare items and maxing out all other stats.

5 - C.A.R.D. Awakening Edit

Card level

Awakening your Riders is important if you want to be able to face the toughest levels and challenges. Most Riders can be awakened twice, first time giving a stat boost and unlocking their leader ability (if available) and the second time unlocking a personal ability, however there are a few special Riders that can be awakened a third time - allowing the Rider to be leveled up to Lv. 100 and giving bonus effect to their finisher and abilities. See the individual rider cards for their abilities and the Super Awakened Rider's page for a list of Rider's capable of a third awakening. (see Riders below)

IMG 6624
  1. Rider Select: Ghosted out Riders have already been awakened to their max level
  2. Materials Needed: Number in your possession / Number required
  3. Awaken: Push this to go to the confirmation screen
IMG 6625

On your first awakening you will see the difference in stats for your Rider. On second awakening the information is on the Rider information screen but will be displayed in Japanese. For more information check the rider card pages (see Riders below). Push the orange button to confirm you wish to awaken this Rider.

Materials for awakening riders can be acquired by playing event stages or by playing the daily events (see Battle Menu / Daily Event above).

6 - C.A.R.D. Exchange Edit

Card sell

Riders and Items can be exchanged for Money, Hi-Powered Stone Fragments and Rare Medals here. Only Rider's 3 stars or above will net you Rare Medals and Fragments and the higher the Rider's star ranking the higher the pay out.

Note: Rider's acquired from events (through exchange or rewards) will only give you money.

IMG 6627
  1. Rider / Item Select: Click to highlight Riders or Items you wish to sell. Locked Riders cannot be selected.
  2. Number Selected: Shows how many Riders / Items you have selected to sell out of a max of 30
  3. Auto Select: Auto selects 30 of your lowest value Soul Stones to sell
  4. Total: The total sale value of selected Riders / Items
  5. OK: Push this to continue
  6. Stats / Value: displays the stats and value of the last selected Rider / Item

Pushing OK will take you to sale confirmation screen. If you have selected Riders of 3 stars or above you will receive this warning asking if your sure you want to continue:

IMG 6628

Push OK to continue or the [x] to cancel. After pressing OK you will be give one last chance to review your selection and cancel if you wish. You will not however be able to see how many Rare Medals or High Powered Stone Fragments you will get for your transaction until after it is complete.

IMG 6629

Push the orange button to confirm or [x] to cancel. The final screen you will see is a summary of the transaction and your payment.

IMG 6631

In this case the player received 1450 Justice Points (coins), 1 High Powered Stone Fragment and 3 Rare Medals. Exchanging non-event, 4 or 5 Star Riders will earn you much higher rewards.

7 - D-Liver Edit

The D-Liver system unlocks as soon as you have a 6 star Rider in your possession. With it you have a chance to improve your rider in one of three ways: Balanced, Health or Attack. Each type increases your Rider's stats by an certain amount for each level you upgrade. See the 6 Star Riders page for mare details and stats.
IMG 6394
  1. Rider Select: Select a Rider to upgrade
  2. Grade: The selected Rider's current upgrade level

Select OK to proceed to the next screen

The first time you select a rider to use with the D-Liver system you will be asked to select a type of upgrade you would like to equip on the Rider. This cannot be undone once it has been selected and only one type may be selected for this rider so choose carefully.
First time you select a rider for upgrade you will be presented with the upgrade selection screen:

IMG 4001
  1. Select Balanced Type: Increases the HP and strength of the Rider in a balanced manner
  2. Select Health Type: Increases the HP and ability to take damage
  3. Select Attack Type: Increases the Rider's attack capabilities
  4. Cancel
  5. OK

Once you press OK you will be asked again if you are sure you wish to proceed. Click the X to cancel. Once you press OK a second time this cannot be undone.

For every grade you level up you receive a GR Bonus - an increase in stats to one of your Rider's stats independent of the type you chose. The GR bonus is the same for each type of upgrade.

Gasha Menu Edit

The Gasha Menu is where you can use your Rush Stones and Tickets to try and win new Riders for your team. This is also where you will find the Gasha Shop for buying useful items like tickets and AP chargers and the Event Exchange menu, where you can exchange event drops for event rewards such as Event Riders and Hi Powered Stones.

IMG 6633
  1. Currently Selected Gasha: Touch anywhere on the image to go to use this Gasha
  2. Gasha Odds: View the contents and odds for all current Gashas
  3. Legal: Some legal and contact information the game is required to have by law
  4. Currently Selected Gasha Tab
  5. Gasha Select Tabs: See below for a list of Gasha types
  6. Gasha Shop: Exchange Rush Stones or Rare Medals for items here
  7. Event Exchange: Exchange event drops for rewards here

Using the Gasha Edit

coming soon

Viewing the Gasha Odds Edit

Selecting 'Gasha Odds' (see above) will bring you to a list of all the current Gashas. They appear in the same order as they do on the main Gasha page.

IMG 6634

Select a Gasha to view its contents or click [x] to go back. Scroll down to see the full list. When you select a Gasha you will see this page:

IMG 6635
  1. Normal Rate Tab: select to view the normal Gasha rate
  2. Bonus Rate Tab: select to view the rate for the bonus Rider when you do a 50 Rush Stone pull (see Using the Gasha above)
  3. Gasha Odds: the odds of getting each rank of Rider from this Gasha
  4. Go Back: return to the previous menu
  5. Contents: Riders available in this Gasha and their individual odd. Click on the Rider's image to view their lv. 1 and lv. 90 stats

Item Sorting Edit

Several menus have an option to sort your Riders / Items by type. Here is a breakdown of what the options mean to help you use this useful feature.

coming soon

Guild Battles Edit

Earn guild medals by competing in Guild battles against other guilds. These medals can be exchanged for exclusive Riders and valuable items. For information on how to join a guild and how to compete in the events please see the community page.


Basic gameplay and tips to get started can be found here.

You can also join the KRBR discord community here if you have any questions.

Leveling Up, Ranking Up and Emblems Edit

Looking to improve your team. Check out this page for everything you need to know about it

Campaigns Edit

Don't miss out on the chance to get extra from your items and units. Check out our handy guide to campaigns here.

Items Edit

There are many different things to collect in KRBR that can unlock stages or help to unlock your rider's potential .. even get you rider gasha tickets or special edition riders. Find out more here.

Current and past events Edit

10/23/2017 -10/31/2017 Mysterious Masquerade Invasion - visit this page for details of event challenges and rewards

10/12/2017 - 10/19/2017 Threat of Creeping Control

Riders Edit

Super Awakened Riders Edit

EX Edit

5 star Edit

4 star Edit

3 star Edit

2 star Edit

1 star Edit

Special Combo Edit

Some riders have a special high powered combo when used with another rider equipped with the same combo. A list of known combos can be found here.

Account Transfer and Recovery Edit

Don't want to accidentally lose all your hard work grinding. Check out this page and follow the instructions.


Error Messages Edit

Occasionally an error message will pop up in game. Here is a list of what they mean and what you should do.

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